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This shift in romantic expectations is an encouraging indication that alternative relationships may just become the […] Quiz: Should You Be in an Open Relationship?First comes love, then comes marriage then comes…polyamory?Due to the depletion of local sand resources, the County has examined alternative sand resources as means to achieve its future beach management needs.Continued beach nourishment through the use of upland sand mines has been examined in addition to feasibility studies and investigations into the use of aragonite sand and recycled glass. E., is the Natural Resources Administrator at Broward County.His research has focused on understanding human impacts on coastal marine food webs. A Sense of Place: Broward County Beaches Nicole Sharp Broward County/Natural Resources Administrator Co-Authors: Christopher G. Broward County’s shoreline is regularly maintained though periodic renourishment and benefits from existing and planned inlet sand bypassing.Historically, beach renourishment projects utilized sand from offshore borrow areas in order to restore and maintain beaches; however, continued beach nourishment is anticipated to become more complicated due to the decreased availability of cost-effective, local sand resources.

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Samantha Danchuk is the Assistant Director of the Environmental Planning & Community Resilience Division of Broward County where she is responsible for implementation of the County’s priority actions pertaining to energy, climate action, sustainability, and urban lands enhancement. Danchuk has provided technical support for the Compact’s Resilient Redesign Workshops and Sea Level Rise Working Group, the Climate Change Task Force and Government Operation Climate Change Working Group.

She is also Chair of NOAA’s Climate and Marine Resources Task Force. Danchuk earned a doctorate from Louisiana State University, a Masters from UC Berkeley and a B. from Florida State University in the fields of environmental engineering and coastal modeling.

,” despite the fact the term has no meaning in the scientific and engineering technical communities.

This paper will explore the nature of these low level but chronic flood events. A sample dataset is shown below for Annapolis, Maryland to illustrate the phenomenon.

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Additionally, the County has put forth a considerable investment into implementing sand bypassing at Port Everglades in order to serve as a supplemental local and sustainable source of sand for southern County beaches. She received her Master’s degree in coastal and oceanographic engineering from University of Florida.

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