Autistics guide to dating bedste danske dating sider Hjørring

Although there are benefits to online dating, taking the necessary safety precautions is important.

To learn more, view the webinar Autism & Online Dating.

Friends like you for who you are, not what you give them.

Imagine you are at a dance and out of nowhere there is someone standing close to you.

These people present their own recommendations based upon their own experiences.

When I was in school it was not easy to make friends.

I hate labels with a passion, so, I very rarely tell people about this diagnosis.

Ask yourself: Can a potential girlfriend/boyfriend be….

Relationships usually start off being fun and exciting.

For parents and other family members, their loved ones’ safety is a common concern.

It is important to keep in mind that with support, people with disabilities are able to overcome challenges associated with dating and develop successful relationships.

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