Christian dating and intimacy

The belief systems of an individual Christian may not be the same as another Christian.Hence, some Christians may justify that having sex in their relationship solidifies their relationship.What this whole physical taboo thing really comes down to is avoiding temptation.

It was never intended to be a tool to get a man or woman to fall in love with you.

So the idea of avoiding all physical contact while dating is more of a preventative measure so that the couple isn't tempted to have sex before they're married.

(See 1 Corinthians 6:9, 13 and 2 Timothy .) If, somehow, a couple was able to maintain their physical purity while dating and still occasionally kiss, then I personally don't believe God would have a problem with that—especially if their intention was to get married soon.

If you're already in deep in a dating relationship and you think maybe you've gone too far or already had sex, please do NOT beat yourself up with guilt.

If you feel convicted that you have made a mistake, that's good, and it's not too late to stop and start over again. With God's help, you CAN control yourself in the future.

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By Sally Collins For: Karma Sutra of Celibacy Most mainstream Christian doctrines propose that people remain sexually pure until they are married, because God designed sex to be shared between a husband and wife.

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  1. To apply this line of thinking to my dating life, I had to overlook the fact that my mom and dad married when my mom was just 19 and my dad was 22; they had two kids within a space of a few years, and my mom raised us kids while my dad worked.