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The earliest Bishop of Comminges we know of is Suavis, who assisted at the Council of Agde in 506; but Sidonius Apollinaris speaks of the persecutions suffered at the hands of the Arian Goths in the fifth century by the bishops of Comminges. The See of Rieux was founded in 1317, by cutting off a portion of the Diocese of Toulouse. Stephen, is remarkable for the contrast between its choir and nave : the nave if Romanesque and was begun in 1211 at the instigation of Count Raymond VI ; the choir is Gothic, and was begun between 12 by Bishop Bertrand de l'Isle, and completed in the fifteenth century. Exuperius, who transferred to it the remains of St. The university also enjoyed the favour of Benedict XII, Clement VI, Urban V, Clement VII, and Benedict XIII.

In 1460 Pius II ordered a revision of its statutes.

The main strength of the university lay in its faculty of law which had as members such noted jurists as Petrus Gregorius (1570), Cujas (1554), and de Lacoste (1594).

Of the colleges at Cahors the first was founded by Raymond de Pelegry, canon of London, who provided in his will (1365) for the maintenance of thirteen poor scholars.

The College of Rodez was founded in 1371 by Bernard of Rodez, Archbishop of Naples, whose birth-place was Cahors. Michel was established (1467) by Jean Rubey, archdeacon of Tormes.

As re-established by the Concordat of 1802 it included the departments of Haute-Garonne and Ariege, at which time, the archbishop joined to his own the title of Auch, jurisdiction over Auch being given to the Diocese of Agen, also the title of Narbonne, an archdiocese over which jurisdiction went by the Concordat to the Diocese of Carcassonne, and the title of Albi, over which, though formerly an archdiocese, jurisdiction went by the Concordat to the See of Montpellier.Louis (1296-97), son of Charles II, King of Naples and the Two Sicilies, and of Mary, daughter of the King of Hungary : he was nephew of St. To this epoch belongs a very important change that took place in the history of the Diocese of Toulouse. Before 1295 the Diocese of Toulouse was very extensive.At the beginning of the thirteenth century Bishop Fulk had wished for the sake of religion to divide it into several dioceses.The majority of these sees were composed of territory cut off from the ancient See of Toulouse itself.John XXII offered the See of Riez in Provence to Gaillard de Preyssac, Bishop of Toulouse since 1305, whom he suspected of having conspired against him with Hugues Giraud, Bishop of Cahors.

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