Much later, when Jewett was working at WEMU, and the station was one of many public radio stations across the country that broadcast "Jazz Revisited," Hazen and Rusty Schumacher came into the studio during a fundraiser, thus forming a bridge between Jewett's past and future.

For Jewett came to work at WUOM (now known as Michigan Radio) in '86 or '87; and when Schumacher's sound engineer for "Jazz Revisited" left, Jewett got the job.

The theme song for "Jazz Revisited" - a nationally syndicated, half hour public radio show that ran for 30 years (1967-1997) and was broadcast from Ann Arbor - was Duke Ellington's "What Am I Here For?

" But for the show's host and creator, Hazen Schumacher, who died on Saturday, July 18th at the age of 88, that question didn't seem to apply.

Brian Mensch, of Parish, told Oswego County sheriff's investigators last week that, before Heidi Allen's kidnapping in 1994, Deputy Chris Van Patten disclosed that he was working with a girl as a confidential informant in the New Haven area and that a drug bust was coming. Deputy Chris Van Patten was at Champ's Corner bar in Hastings when he told Brian Mensch about a young female confidential informant who was working for him in the New Haven area, Mensch told sheriff's investigators last week. Van Patten said the informant was in school at the time and that she "was giving them information about the drug scene, the parties at the school," Mensch told the investigators, who were pursuing leads in the Heidi Allen case.

-- A new witness in the 1994 Heidi Allen kidnapping case says an Oswego County sheriff's deputy disclosed sensitive information about a confidential informant sometime before Allen's abduction. Later in the interview, he said it was 1992 or 1993.

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