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He sends so many confusing and conflicting messages, you don’’t know what to do. The whole “”dating ritual” between men and women is full of confusing undertones and bizarre rituals that neither one of you are even aware you are doing.

So many loves get lost in the confusion If you go through all of these attraction signs and you’re still not sure, then it’s time to take things into your own hands. Most guys only flirt with the one they are interested in. Does he say the same things to them as he does to you? Think of gorillas thumping their chest to impress a hot lady gorilla. Does he do weird things around you that he does no’t do around other girls?

Read the book The Art of Irresistible by one of our favourite writers for this site, Roberto Hogue. Time waits for no woman and the longer you wait, the better chance that someone else will swoop in and bag your boy! Does he have the same kind of nervous shyness around them too? On the “Does He Like Me Scale” this is as close to a ten as you can get.

You can guarantee that most guys don’t even realize they do this. Does he bump into you or touch your back or arm when he sees you?

But think about what this accomplishes in your mind: you can’t stop thinking about him! Does He Like Me Scale: 7.5You avoid people that you don’t like. You go out of your way to spend time with people you’re attracted to. If he always seems to be around wherever you are, you can bet he likes you. This includes the mean touch like playfully trying to trip you or pushing you away.

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