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This does not mean that today’s chicken and duck species lived with non-avian dinosaurs, but that the evolutionary lineages leading to today’s duck and chicken species did.” Fossil record and phylogeny of ornithurine birds (ornithurine = bird-like, as opposed to sauriurine = reptile-like, e.g, Archaeopteryx).

Solid lines show geological ranges of taxa with first and last occurrences shown by squares. (2006) described the earliest penguin fossils and analyzed complete mitochondrial genomes from an albatross, a petrel, and a loon.

Dashed lines show postulated phylogeny compiled from the literature (Slack et al. The penguin fossils were from a Paleocene (early Tertiary) formation just above a well-known Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary site. Single origin of a pan-Pacific bird group and upstream colonization of Australia.

The fossils, in a new genus (Waimanu), provide a lower estimate of 61–62 Ma for the divergence between penguins and other birds and thus establish a reliable calibration point for avian evolution.

Prominent and well-known Cretaceous bird taxa included the Enantiornithes, a fairly diverse group of birds, mostly flying forms; Hesperornithiformes, toothed birds (see drawing below) which were mostly flightless swimmers; and Ichthyornithiformes, toothed flying birds that probably fed on fish.

These taxa are extinct today, but by the close of the Cretaceous, representatives of several modern bird taxa were sharing the skies with these extinct birds.

There they evolved into their present-day forms: ostrich, rheas, emu, cassowaries, kiwis, and moas.

However, recent evidence indicates that this scenario is likely incorrect: The prevailing view has been that ratites are monophyletic, with the flighted tinamous as their sister group, suggesting a single loss of flight in the common ancestry of ratites. (2008) conducted phylogenetic analyses of 20 unlinked nuclear genes and found a genome-wide signal that unequivocally places tinamous within ratites, making ratites polyphyletic and suggesting multiple losses of flight.

Fossil Evidence for the Extant Avian Radiation in the Cretaceous -- Clarke et al. (2005) provide apparent evidence that cousins of living birds coexisted with dinosaurs more than 65 million years ago. Information from a new species called Vegavis iaai indicates that these birds lived in the Cretaceous and must have survived the Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) mass extinction event that included the disappearance of all other dinosaurs. Phenomena that can mislead phylogenetic analyses (e.g., long branch attraction, base compositional bias, discordance between gene trees and species trees, and sequence alignment errors) were eliminated as explanations for this result. The most plausible hypothesis requires at least three losses of flight and explains the many morphological and behavioral similarities among ratites by parallel or convergent evolution. Credibility intervals (95%) are indicated by grey bars at numbered internal nodes. Periods when Antarctica was ice-covered (black continuous bars) are indicated by shaded grey rectangles.

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The study of historical bird geography is difficult because of the many variables involved: evolution, climatic change, shifting vegetation, weather disasters, epizootics, rapid dispersal, ecological adaptation, competition between species, and barriers (Welty & Baptista 1988).

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