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List of Episodes: is Caddy's main (and self-titled) show, where he reviews a game (usually a retro game, specifically for the PS1) every episode in his own comic style.His first and longest running show to date, Caddicarus is full of Running Gags, Caption Humor, and oh so many Funny Moments.Jim (formerly James) "Caddicarus" Caddick is a British You Tube personality who hosts a Video Review Show, which specializes in video games from the Play Station era of gaming.His show can be found on You Tube and on the website Hidden Block. Caddicarus (the main reviews), Top 10 Lists (self explanatory), Current Quickies (rapid-fire modern game reviews), Caddy's Retrospectives (Caddy's opinions on the first three games of a franchise), Tinker Time (whatever Caddy feels like reviewing at the time), and Drive Thru Review (quick, casual reviews under three minutes with very little editing).was the show in which Caddy reviewed games in a fashion that wouldn't fit with his main show.They aren't so much comedy videos as they are more traditionally-styled reviews.

was originally planned to be a show that would review a new release in great detail, but ended up being cancelled after one episode. While the show keeps its insanely rapid pace during the review segments, it has lost the near constant bleeped out swearing that featured in the first episode.was a show consisting of quick, casual reviews lasting up to 3 minutes with little editing, and were usually uploaded every Wednesday.The games that are reviewed in this show are those that Caddy had been playing recently, old or new.The series ended with Caddy's final Pre-"Rascal Racers" video, Caddy: Greetings and salutations my beautiful people, and welcome to the Caddicarus show where I always have to do the dirty deed of deciding — I GIVE UP YOU FUCKING SHIT CUNT FUCK PIECE OF SHIT FLOATING IN A BIT OF COLD SOUP GARNISHED WITH EVEN MORE FUCKING SHIT FROM AN OLD OBESE MAN'S COCK! Top Dating Sites In India Search and see members' profiles without registration. Funny headline for dating site chat, dating blogs, dating jokes.

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is a series where Caddy reviews the first three instalments in any video game franchise he feels he wants to cover.

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